Inspired by classic drum machines

January 9, 2020 by No Comments

Inspired by classic drum machines such as the Linndrum and Roland TR-series, PSP Rhythm has been created to use the simple, yet effective 16 step style drum sequencer. PSP Rhythm has been directly influenced by one of our favorite modern drum machines, the Elektron MachineDrum.

Inspired by classic drum machines

The most significant addition in version 3.0 is the “parameter locks” feature (as used by the MachineDrum). Parameter locks enable you to change the pitch, volume, balance, start and end times per step to create moving, changing melodies and effects. This control over your sounds will give you much more creative freedom and allow you to not only use drums, but to use instruments in your music.

With the release of version 4.0 a Bass Line synthesizer similar to a Roland TB-303 has been added to make this the most versatile homebrew drum machine for the PSP. TB-303 style features such as Accent and Slide are available, along with the real-time control of the Cutoff and Resonance you can get that authentic “Acid” sound that made the TB-303 so famous.

The PSP screen is a graphic representation of a 16 step drum machine styled in Elektron fashion with a main display in the center and 16 x0x style step buttons along the bottom.
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