Install Instructions

January 9, 2020 by No Comments

Install Instructions – Installing from Windows

Just run the installer program and choose your firmware version. Choose the path to install onto your PSP. (Just change the drive letter to match your PSP’s drive letter)

Install Instructions

PSP Firmware 2.0 and above
Make sure you install the latest Fanjita/Ditlew eloader from before you install PSP Rhythm.
The PSP Rhythm installer will attempt to update the eloader config file automatically.

Manual Install for other Operating Systems
Please read the install.txt file for detailed instructions to install PSP Rhythm Manually. sbobet88 For support please look in the forums.

Install Tips
Make sure you delete or remove any older versions of PSP Rhythm from your PSP if you currently have it installed.

When using the installer don’t completely erase the path, only change the driver letter.
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