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News PsP Rhythm – 04-18-2006 Almost done, just ironing out a couple of bugsā€¦

04-12-2006 Some final testing and User Manual/Site updating to left to do before release.

04-10-2006 A lot of code optimization is going on and PSP Rhythm is running better than ever!

03-24-2006 Effects are the main focus for the next release, check out the forum threads for more details!

03-13-2006 Our friends across the pond at www.pspngo .fr did an article on us! PSP Rhythm interview

03-10-2006 PSP Rhythm 4.0 Released. New Feature: -Bass Line Synthesizer-

01-24-2006 PSP Rhythm 3.0 Released. bet88 New Feature: -Wave Out/Sample Adjustment-

01-09-2006 PSP Rhythm 2.1 Released. New Feature: -Parameter Locks-

11-16-2005 PSP Rhythm 2.0 Released. bola88 New Feature: -Sequencer Update-

09-19-2005 PSP Rhythm 1.0 Released.

08-12-2005 First public release. BETA